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That is one of many commitments for what  International Sport Charity asbl in Luxembourg has been incorporated.

Today is a god day to reflect on what we know is true about sport.

At International Sport a.s.b.l. charity, we believe that sport can be used as a platform for positive social change and as a facility of communication between countries.

We also use it as a tool to improve health and wellbeing. Through its values, we teach also teamwork, leadership, humility, tenacity and determination. But we also use sport as a way to shine a light on social issues, harnessing its influence and reach to draw attention to matters that are impacting society.


In these complex times, we should be able to look to sport to demonstrate that we are “stronger together”, and recognise that we can – and should – use our powerful platform to promote the ideas of equality, diversity and inclusion.

We at International Sport a.s.b.l. charity applaud the sportsman, sportswoman, sport kids, sport teams etc. and support those players who are expressing what they think is right in a respectful and meaningful way.


Luc Schuller

Trustee and Founder

International Sport a.s.b.l.




Open letter from founder





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