L’Espagne a pris samedi des mesures draconiennes pour empêcher la Catalogne de faire sécession, préparant la destitution de l’exécutif catalan de Carles Puigdemont et la convocation de nouvelles élections. Cette manœuvre sans précédent, et d’une ampleur inattendue, a provoqué immédiatement une immense manifestation indépendantiste à Barcelone. Invoquant l’article 155 de la Constitution, jamais encore utilisé, le chef du gouvernement Mariano Rajoy a demandé au Sénat de lui confier la faculté de dissoudre le parlement catalan, afin de « convoquer des élections dans un délai maximum de six mois ». M. Rajoy demande aussi le pouvoir de démettre le gouvernement catalan de ses fonctions, qui seront exercées « en principe par les ministères (nationaux) aussi longtemps que durera cette situation exceptionnelle ». « Ni l’autonomie catalane ni la gouvernance autonome ne sont suspendues », a affirmé Mariano Rajoy.

DiaporamaManif monstre à BarceloneAprès l’annonce de sa destitution par le Premier ministre espagnol, le président du gouvernement catalan Carles Puidgemont fera une déclaration à 21h, a annoncé samedi un porte-parole de la Generalitat à Barcelone.

Mais la liste des mesures publiée par ses services montre que Madrid veut prendre toutes les manettes de l’administration de la région, depuis la police autonome jusqu’à la radio et la télévision publiques, et mettre le parlement régional sous tutelle. Ces mesures devraient être approuvées d’ici le 27 octobre au Sénat, où le parti de M. Rajoy est majoritaire. Cette prise en main brutale risque de soulever les foules en Catalogne, où la population est pourtant divisée sur la question de l’indépendance, et d’être difficile à mettre en œuvre.

Notice from the founder:

Democracy, is a system of government in which citizens exercise power directly or elect representatives from among themselves to form a body, such as a parliament.

Democracy consists of 4 elements:

  1. political system for choosing and replacing the government through and fair elections

  2. the active participation of the people, as citizens, in politics and civic life

  3. protection of the human rights of all citizens

  4. a rule of law, in which the laws and procedures apply equally to all citizens

So, let give peace a chance in Spain, and we hope that the Catalans president Charles Puigdemont will get the chance to express himself and that the Spanish government is listening to him and to the Catalan citizens. 




About I’m not a refugee:


A lot has been said about  the refugees and asylum seekers. Now they speak their minds and share their story(ies) and thoughts.

Over the last year more than a million refugees and migrants have arrived in Europe. A further three million are expected to arrive in 2016. The unprecedented number of refugees and migrants travelling to the continent undoubtedly represents one of the biggest challenges facing Europe today, not only in terms of their immediate reception, but also in terms of their longer-term inclusion in society. This situation raises serious questions about our commitment to humanitarian values.

Re-humanise the refugees

A lot has been said and written about the refugees. Still, today refugees are millions of anonymous people. It’s as though the word refugee had wiped out all their identity and previous life. Being a refugee is a status, not an identity. The aim of the website is to connect the refugees to the local population.


By sharing stories. Humans connect with humans wherever they are from when stories get personal, intimate. After all, we’re all just humans. Local residents are given the possibility to meet the refugees, contact them by mail, open their world to them, help them to integrate, find work, a place to stay and support them to write a new story in a new country. Amazing things happen when people connect.

Our vision

We are standing for an open, multi-layered and diversified society. I’m not a refugee fights for social progress and cohesion by
 re-humanizing the discussions about “refugees”, allowing refugees to speak for themselves, fighting the growing populism, fears, stereotypes and prejudices, connecting residents and refugees (via the email-connect button at the end of each portrait)
 and empowering citizens to drive social inclusion via civil engagement.

Spend time not money!

In Luxembourg there has been a strong solidarity from some of the local population to welcome the refugees that have been taken in. Now we need to integrate the refugees and that requires more than offering clothes or donating money to charities. In our rich countries, people are used to solve their “issues” by spending money. But this attitude will not be enough for a solid, healthy integration on long term. We Europeans will have to get out of our comfort zone and personally connect to the refugees.

Individual engagement is key!

The way we deal with the integration of refugees should be considered as a tipping point in our rich societies: the successful integration (inclusion!) we need can’t be achieved only by the state and public/private charities. On the contrary: it requires individuals to take responsibility!

We want to skyrocket social inclusion!

We believe new technologies and media have a role to play in that process. This project aims to promote awareness and understanding of refugees by showing them in a different, a personal light. We think people power is key to tacle many social and environmental issues. We hope locals will contact and meet the refugees.

Concept, coordination & interviews: Frédérique Buck

Corporate Identity & webdesign: Vitali Poluzhnikov, Caio Andrade, Mitsuko Sato,
Diedrik Persson, Mike Wittrup & Daniel Rorbaek (www.iamnotarefugee.com)

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International Sport a retweeté WWF France

Nous pouvons tous et devons tous contribuer à la tâche difficile qui consiste à sauver notre planète.

International Sport ajouté,

A better world.

We need to think of the future and the planet we are going to leave to our children and their children.

Kofi Annan

For some, a quick game of football after work or a run before dinner is simply a fun way to get exercise. But for some charities throughout the world, sports is changing lives and providing hope for this who face adversity and challenges in situations we may never experience.

Sports aren’t just good for the body, they may also help communities, according to the United Nations “Sports for Development and Peace“.

The initiative found research indicating that sports programs promote social inclusion, have a positive impact on crime prevention, install leadership skills, and promote awareness of disease prevention.

Join us on journey or follow us on Twitter @intelsport_found.






That is one of many commitments for what  International Sport Charity asbl in Luxembourg has been incorporated.

Today is a god day to reflect on what we know is true about sport.

At International Sport a.s.b.l. charity, we believe that sport can be used as a platform for positive social change and as a facility of communication between countries.

We also use it as a tool to improve health and wellbeing. Through its values, we teach also teamwork, leadership, humility, tenacity and determination. But we also use sport as a way to shine a light on social issues, harnessing its influence and reach to draw attention to matters that are impacting society.


In these complex times, we should be able to look to sport to demonstrate that we are “stronger together”, and recognise that we can – and should – use our powerful platform to promote the ideas of equality, diversity and inclusion.

We at International Sport a.s.b.l. charity applaud the sportsman, sportswoman, sport kids, sport teams etc. and support those players who are expressing what they think is right in a respectful and meaningful way.


Luc Schuller

Trustee and Founder

International Sport a.s.b.l.




Open letter from founder