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About I’m not a refugee: About A lot has been said about  the refugees and asylum seekers. Now they speak their minds and share their story(ies) and thoughts. Over the last year more than a million refugees and migrants have arrived in Europe. A further three million are expected to arrive in 2016. The unprecedented number of refugees and migrants travelling to the continent undoubtedly represents one of the biggest challenges facing Europe today, not only… Read More

International Sport‏ @Intlsport_found 12 minil y a 12 minutes Plus International Sport a retweeté WWF France Nous pouvons tous et devons tous contribuer à la tâche difficile qui consiste à sauver notre planète. International Sport ajouté, WWF FranceCompte certifié @WWFFrance Nous devons agir dès maintenant pour la préservation des #océans et des populations qui en dépendent ! #OurOcean @EU_MARE

We need to think of the future and the planet we are going to leave to our children and their children. Kofi Annan

For some, a quick game of football after work or a run before dinner is simply a fun way to get exercise. But for some charities throughout the world, sports is changing lives and providing hope for this who face adversity and challenges in situations we may never experience. Sports aren’t just good for the body, they may also help communities, according to the United Nations “Sports for Development and Peace“. The… Read More

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